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PT/INR Treatment

PT/INR Treatment is a test that is conducted to determine the clotting tendency of a patient's blood.  This is also called coagulation.

This PT/INR Treatment procedure is commonly administered to monitor the blood thinning accuracy for patients who are on Anti-coagulation therapy with the drug, warfarin.

It is extremely important that a patient takes an accurate dose of warfarin.  To test the accuracy, PT/INR is conducted to monitor how fast the patient's blood clots.

This procedure is administered by registered nurses and other licensed nursing practitioners in the Total Home Health Care, Inc. staff.

If blood thinning problems are detected during earlier stages, your health care professional can immediately report to your physician for proper actions and/or treatment to be taken.  Changes in your blood clotting activity or any abnormal factors could be a sign of more complex medical issues.  Protect yourself or your loved one from further risks in health by getting appropriate health care services based on early detection.

Call Total Home Health Care, Inc. to ask about PT/INR Treatment services and schedules.  You can also send a message online.