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To provide home health services in various aspects of the client's health from basic assistance with daily living activities to complex nursing care procedures and therapeutic treatments in the comfort of the client's home. ourmission
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High Tech Care

What is it?

Hi-Tech Nursing consists of state-of-the-art central venous access devices, midline catheters, peripheral venous catheters, Hickman single, double, and triple lines, Broviac catheters (both implanted lines), PICC line dressing changes, TPN (Total Parental Nutrition), and a variety of epidural mediports.

How does it work?

Total Home Health Care's Hi-Tech nurses, knowledgeable in the disease process, infection prevention and maintenance techniques, come into the home and instruct and train patients and caregivers to use infusion therapies, maintain access devices and to practice infection control.  This ensures that the patient will remain independent because they can assume the responsibility of caring for themselves by complying with the medical regimen needed to ensure recovery

Who should use this service?

Total Home Health Care's Hi-tech patients are cancer patients in need of chemotherapy, transplant patients in need of IV antibiotics or home pain management, and patients who use ambulatory infusion pumps and/or need IV hydration.

Who provides this service?

The administration of home infusion therapies requires RNs who are IV and PICC line certified and have at least one year of experience in the hi-tech field.  Total Home Health Care's hi-tech nursing team focuses on infusion therapies, the use of access devices, medication delivery methods and infection control.  They use cutting-edge protocols and are technically proficient in all areas of hi-tech care.  Our Clinical Nursing Supervisor directs the team of experienced RNs.